Meet Jasmine

Music has always been my way of connecting with myself, and the world. I've been singing and performing since I was 3 years old. I grew up on my dad's artists like The Everly Brothers and Carole King and Johnny Cash. I remember going to Broadway musicals I couldn't quite understand, but somehow the music still moved me. As I grew up more, I studied piano and violin and eventually started writing my own lyrics... Music has just always been a huge part of who I am.

Singing and teaching singing is my way of building community around art and passion, and it is how I center my life. Living and being in a music scene as dynamic as San Francisco's makes me the most "at home" I've ever felt. 

Though I have worked, and continue to work in many different areas of the music industry, teaching is what I find most fulfilling. I love the process of helping students find and understand their unique voices and their unique connection to music. A big strength of mine is finding the potential in something—an idea, a song, a set a show and a singer. I help my students explore the parts of their creativity that they might be scared to- and not only make it a reality, but also enable them to have a hand in shaping that reality. My curriculum is designed to help my singers find and understand what their natural sound and vibe is. My job is to help them reconcile that with the vision they have for themselves. I find this approach not only helps my students to become better singers, but gives them the confidence to admit they are as well. All of my students have become friends, and I often find that I go from teacher to number one fan! Singing is so fun!



About SongRise Studios

While I have always worked in the field, the very first job I had where I felt entrenched in music community was with OpenVoice Studios, under the tutelage of Sam Whitehouse. It was a big operation with 8 teachers, 200 students, great soul, with a built-in community. When we closed our doors in April 2015, I knew I wanted a way to keep that community going. We had done so much good in terms of being a safe space for singers to learn and grow, I didn't want to leave a void, or lose that environment for myself. 

So, I decided that my next endeavor in music would be community-driven. I host many student-centered events and provide many opportunities for growth outside of normal "classroom" lessons. My students learn to network and connect with other like-minded people, and quickly find their own footing in the music community. 

I also work and have experience in many different aspects of the music business. I have experience:

  • booking musicians
  • talent-buying for venues
  • social media management and digital marketing for musicians
  • live music production
  • video production
  • artist management

I use that knowledge to guide my students in any and every way I can. I try and be a resource to them at all points of their careers.

My aim for SongRise Studios is to be a haven for singers of all levels of experience:

  • The person who loves music and loves to sing, but is too shy to tell their friends, or too scared to audition for the school play, and only sings in their car or shower.
  • The person that just wants to not faint at your office karaoke party or the person that’s been sitting on songs they wrote you wrote one summer day in college or lonely night last month but are too afraid to share it with the world.
  • The performance-ready singer who hasn’t had the time to pursue music because they have full-time jobs or just don’t know how to go about getting started
  • The full-time musicians that want to prepare their first headline show, their first full set 

I have curriculum and plans to help you reach your goals, no matter what they be, and SongRise Studios is the place for you!